What You Should (& Should NOT) Wear on a First Date

It’s time for your first date, congratulations!

Now, what do you wear?

Seriously… landing that first date with someone new is an exciting time. It’s also one of the most nerve-wracking times you’ll ever see your date.

And no wonder!!

There’s a lot wrapped up in that first date.

You’re past tripping over your words trying to get the date. And while you may think that you’re past your “first impressions” because you’ve already spoken to this person… you’re wrong.

It’s true that you make a first impression on that first contact. But subconsciously, we all make allowances for nerves, friends hovering around, and other influences during that first contact.

We make the real first impression on that First Date. The First Date is when we see how someone “cleans up” for us. Did they make an effort to look their best, or do they look like they just grabbed whatever they could reach fast in their closet?

Some dating and style experts see the First Date style as your brand. What you choose to wear says a lot about you. It’s not about what brands you’re wearing, but how you wear it that reflects who you are.

No matter if you’ve known your date for years or if you’ve just met, it’s important to put serious thought and effort into how you look on your First Date.



Tips for Men

Avoid Stereo Types

Skip the Dad jeans if you have them. Leave those in the closet for when you’re working around the house or watching football. Don’t wear them for a date or you risk looking as if you don’t care enough about yourself to pay attention to your appearance.


Short Sleeves are for Polos

Button-down shirts can be sexy and are great for first dates but avoid wearing them with short sleeves. If you wear button-down shirts, wear long sleeves. Short sleeved button downs look unfinished and too relaxed for a date. If it’s too warm for long sleeves, you still look more polished rolling a long-sleeved shirt than with a short-sleeved style.


Shoes Matter, too.

Unless you’re taking your date someplace where sneakers are a must, don’t wear sneakers on a date. Your date will notice if wore a nice outfit and then just threw shoes on with it. If you’re worried about what to wear with jeans then, a nice laid-back loafer works well.



Tips for Women

Too Sexy for…

Feel free to show your sex appeal – but don’t give away the entire view. When it comes to bare skin, on a first date, less is more. Balance a shorter skirt with longer sleeves and shorter heels. A low-cut neckline works well with a maxi-skirt or jeans.


Natural is Best.

Don’t be too heavy handed with your makeup. You want your date to get to know you, not your favorite eyeshadow palette.


Embrace Your Size.

If you’re a someone who thinks that her shape needs the help of specialty underclothing… skip it for your date. Don’t wear padding or Spanx to try to appear curvier or thinner than you are. Those things are uncomfortable. And you want your date to get to know you, not who you “wish” you were.



Tips for Everyone

Dress for the Venue.

Dress appropriately for where you expect to go on your date. If you expect to take a walking tour of a museum, be sure to wear clothing and shoes that will be comfortable with a lot of walking. If you’re meeting for coffee, don’t dress for a fancy dinner. You want to stand out from the crowd… not stick out like something that doesn’t belong.


Be Comfortable.

When choosing what you’ll wear, keep in mind that your clothes should be comfortable no matter what you’ll be doing. The last thing you want is to be fidgeting with uncomfortable clothes while you’re trying to get to know your date. Your date may feel you’re not listening or that you’d rather be somewhere else.


Put Your Best Color Forward.

Consider the color you intend to wear. You should choose a color that makes your best feature shine. If you have gorgeous green eyes, you don’t want to wear a color that makes them look dull.


Be Yourself…

If you’re most comfortable in jeans and a tee shirt, don’t try to be a glamazon on a date. On the other hand, if you’re the type who loves to dress, trying to dress down will make you appear uncomfortable in your own skin.


… Not the Trends

Avoid being too trendy. If you’re a person who loves to follow the trends, but all means, include a trendy accent in your outfit. But don’t cover yourself from head to toe in trends. It makes you look like a follower instead of your own person.


They’re Your Favs for a Reason.

When in doubt, wear your favorites. If you just can’t decide what to wear, wear your absolute favorites. As long as they’re appropriate to where you’ll be going for your date, your favorites will make you feel comfortable and confident.