Signs a Man is Falling in Love with You

How do you know if a man is falling for you? It’s a question that plagues women every day. And today, we’ll look at the signs that tell you he’s falling for you.

The beginning of every relationship is the time a woman feels the most vulnerable and afraid to trust. You have a million questions.

Is this just a fling for him? Is he falling in love?

You question every word he says, every look, every moment. But the good news is that there are signs when a man is falling in love with a woman.

From body language to the way he talks, there are clues when guys fall in love.

So, here’s how to know if a guy is falling for you.


He makes time for you.

A man who is falling in love makes time to spend with you. He may be early for dates or deliberately stay later just for another moment with you.

If he’s falling in love with a woman, he’ll prefer to spend time with her than with family or friends. Or, he’ll insist on taking you along if he chooses to spend time with them.

You won’t have to wonder if he’ll call because he’ll arrange to see you again before you even say good-night on your date.

He may even start to dial your number before he makes it back to his car, so he can talk to you all the way home.


He watches you.

One of the earliest signs a guy is falling in love with you is that you’ll catch him watching you.

I don’t mean the creepy, stalker-in-the-making stare. No… this is that adoring, wondering gaze that says he can’t believe his luck that you’re interested in him of all people.

He’s noticing all the little things about you with that gaze.

A man who’s falling for a woman notices the way her hair falls just… so…

He notices that little smile she gets while reading, or how she furrows her brow while thinking.

All this watching is his way of memorizing your quirks and charms, so he can picture you clearly when he thinks of you later.


He shows you off.

When a man is falling in love with a woman, he wants everyone to meet this incredible person he’s found.

He won’t hide you away.

Instead, he’s eager to introduce you to everyone he knows and proud to show you off.

He’s excited to take you along when he’s off with friends or goes home to his family. In fact, he makes sure to introduce you to every important member of his family… maybe even a few he’s not as fond of.


He talks about the future.

One of the sure signs a man is falling in love with you is that he talks about the future in a way that tells you he expects you to be together.

It’s one thing for him to talk about next week or next month, but another story if he’s talking about things that will happen six months or longer away.

Most guys will talk about the short-term, but a man who is falling in love with talk about the long-term. It’s not that he’s jumping the gun, it’s that he’s so happy with you that he’s expecting to work hard to make sure you’re still there when those events happen.


He does the little things.

When a man is falling for a woman, he loves to do small things for her.

Some men give little gifts like chocolates or flowers for “no reason.” Other men may find out that your favorite author has a new book out and surprise you with it.

Men who are falling in love enjoy making you smile and making your life simpler. He may fill your tires with air or pick up a meal on the way over, so you don’t have to cook.

A man who is falling in love with you will pay you sincere compliments, and not to get sex or anything in return.

He may even say those three little words… and mean them.