Scottsdale’s 4 Best Spots for Romantic Walks

Scottsdale’s 4 Best Spots for Romantic Walks


When your matchmaker gets it right, you end up on dates you never want to end! But rarely are we prepared with ways to help the night keep going.

Frankly, we tend to schedule first dates (and sometimes second and third dates) to be a bit shorter because we want an escape if it’s not going well.

But on those dates when you’ve really made a connection, you may wrack your brain trying to find something else to do.

You could go dancing, but that can cut the conversation short. The same thing can happen with a movie or other structured event.

The answer?


Go for a walk together!

That’s right, one of the best ways to extend a date when it’s going well is to go for a walk together. First, you get to spend more time getting to know each other. But even better is where you walk can help keep the conversation going!

You can talk about the things you see and your reactions to them. Or, you can walk somewhere just for some quiet so you can concentrate on each other.

The great thing about living around Scottsdale is that there are date ideas all around. And there are just as many wonderful places to walk hand in hand with your date.


Japanese Friendship Garden

If you’re looking for a place to walk that combines international interest with a romantic tradition, the Japanese Friendship Garden is one of the best spots.

On the third Saturday of each month, the Garden holds public tea ceremonies several times throughout the day. You can experience the ceremony and learn about the tradition and its meanings.

So, spend an hour watching the ceremony, then take a tour of the gardens! A self-guided tour may be the perfect way to keep the conversation going.

You can talk while walking along a stream filled with Koi or follow the paths to find the hidden romantic nooks throughout the garden.


Desert Botanical Garden

Find yourself wishing that cup of coffee could last all day? Take your date for a romantic walking tour of the Desert Botanical Garden.

You can take guided tours and compare notes and thoughts. Or, skip the guides and wander around the garden just the two of you.

Point out the hidden delights of romantic paths, look up that flower you’ve never seen before and bond over learning something new together.

And if your romantic walk turns into an evening in the desert, there are light and laser shows and other events you can catch!


South Mountain Park

Did the two of you find common ground in a love of hiking? This romantic walk takes a little more preparation, but you can always stop off at a sporting goods store on the way!

Stop off for some gear and head out to South Mountain Park.

Discover the wildlife as you discover each other’s likes and dislikes while you hike any of more than a dozen trails.

You can learn a lot about each other while you explore mountain views.


Old Town Scottsdale

If you prefer the urban scene, there are plenty of romantic places to see walking through Downtown Scottsdale.

Meander down the street hand in hand to discover what’s hiding in Old Town Scottsdale. The streets are lined in great places to talk about.

You can stroll through museums, pop into a world-class art gallery, explore a shop, and then stop for dinner at one of the many restaurants.

Compare your tastes for art, food, and shopping as you window shop and more!

Whatever your moods, you and your date will have plenty to explore and chat about on any of these romantic walks.

For date ideas in Scottsdale, there are so many more parks, museums, and gardens to explore.