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11th Hour is beyond a typical matchmaking service. We act as the bridge that leads you straight to your perfect match. While the dating process can be an uphill battle for many, we work to make it a friction-less, enjoyable experience for you. We trim out the potential of wasted time and effort that plagues successful men like yourself in order to leave room for the exciting aspects of dating.

We understand your needs.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, dating can be easy to shrug off as “something you’ll dive into later on in life”. It’s a process filled with nuances and quirks that make it hard to predict. Internet dating services often aren’t able to achieve the level of intimacy needed to fully understand who you are as a person, and trying to meet new people through friends can be an exhausting process.

Fortunately, we’ve spent years researching and analyzing dating, allowing us to be the missing catalyst in your love life. In the same way you’ve put in hours improving your career and personal life, we’ve done the same with dating so you don’t have to.

Our professional matchmaker, Rebecca Fowler, works with only a select number of people just like yourself at any given time, ensuring you get the attention you need to find your ideal match.

With privacy and exclusivity ensured, we’re able to work closely with you to get a crystal clear understanding of what you desire out of a partner.

After a little bit of time invested upfront meeting with Rebecca, you’re free to get back to doing what matters most in your life while we take care of all the work that goes behind finding a great date.

Sounds like what you’ve been missing this whole time?

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