The Process

Dating is our passion and expertise.

Years of research has helped us develop a high-performing process to connect you with ideal matches, one that is in the optimal place between systematic and human to give you an end result that matches your unique life.

Rather than running your information through an algorithm like an internet dating service, or letting intuition guide you like if you were to go out and meet someone new, we operate in the optimal place in-between matchmaking extremes.

If you’ve never used a matchmaking service before, things can seem a bit daunting at first. 

Nonetheless, you can rest in confidence knowing our services are entirely confidential and are meant to work seamlessly with your life.


No public profiles or risk of word getting out - what you share with us will always remain entirely confidential.


We understand you have a busy life - that’s why we’re here to help! If you can’t make it to a consultation meeting or things are just moving a little too fast for your liking, just let us know and we will adjust how we work with you.


Working with 11th Hour Matchmaking means you will have access to a top-tier, professional matchmaker. We work closely with a small number of people to make sure you get the attention needed to find your ideal match.

How it Works

Our main focus is on you: who you are as a person, what you’re looking for in a partner, what makes you unique. In a low pressure environment, you are able to work share the personal information about yourself that can be the deciding factor on whether or not a potential candidate is a right fit for you or not, something that is otherwise often not discovered until you’ve already invested considerable time into a date.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect to see once the decision has been made to work with us.


It all starts with filling out a quick form to help us understand who you are and what you’re looking for in a partner.

Discovery Call


After getting some preliminary information, the next step is to set up a quick phone call to see how we can best assist you as your personal matchmaker.

Free Consultation

This is where we really dive in. Your free consultation involves sitting down with Professional Matchmaker, Rebecca, and talking through all the details. This equips Rebecca with the info she needs to work her magic.

Matchmaking Begins


Armed and ready to go, Rebecca begins the process of finding potential matches for you. Sit back and relax while she contacts, screens, and filters potential dates!

Review Candidates

Once a sizable list of candidates is put together, this is where you sit down with Rebecca and narrow down who you would like to set up a date with.

Go on Dates!


This is where the fun begins. Enjoy your date in confidence knowing your potential partner has been screened to be an ideal match for who you are as a person.


Did you enjoy your date, or were there some areas for improvement? Our sole job is to ensure you’re matched with your ideal partner, and we don’t rest until that happens.



Our hope is that we can lay the groundwork for something great so that you can focus all your efforts on nurturing and enjoying the relationship. Take it as slow or fast as you desire, the choice is yours!

Ready to get started?